Reaction to Dr. Dray's review of NMN Supplements

Reaction to Dr. Dray's review of NMN Supplements

A few weeks ago a well known Youtube content creator, Dr. Dray, who describes herself as "a dermatologist and skin care enthusiast" that typically publishes videos focusing on topical skin care products, published a review of NMN supplements. A lot of visitors to Augment Life come through Youtube so you may very well have seen Dr Dray's videos, or other Youtube videos about NMN. 

But this video really got our attention because it may be one of the first honest reviews of NMN out there. For one thing, none of the links in the show notes point to a supplement manufacturer's website, she doesn't mention any companies to buy NMN from, and she shares a heavy dose of reality about the molecule which other Youtube's have been less willing to dish.

Part of her criticism about NMN is most of its research to date has been done on mice or in petri dishes, there are enough human trials out there. Is she right? Obviously we don't completely agree, and the community of NMN takers out there who swear by the supplement and its benefits after months or years taking it, are not completely to be ignored. Still her reluctance is a point worth hearing, if for no other reason than because everyone else seems to be biased. 

Augment Life was founded from the beginning to provide safe, quality assured, efficacy proven supplements. We're happy to share Dr. Dray's video because we feel she has the right intentions at heart, and we want our customers to know that we take guidance from experts like Dr Dray. We will never sell supplements that do not have human trials showing efficacy and safety, and we advise against taking any supplement that you haven't done the research on yourself.

If you still feel like taking NMN is okay, it is probably best to take it intermittently, with breaks between days. Like many other supplements this allows the body's natural mechanisms to kick in, which is in the end one of the healthiest and safest that we know.

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