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This company has been founded with deep intentions. The modern world for all its inventions and innovations, has left behind some important pieces of the natural world. For many of us there are now shortcomings.

We lack proper movement and nutrition in our days. We don’t get to socialize enough causing anxiety and mental illnesses. Many of our habits and the very technologies we have come to depend on have negative impacts on the environment. Technology has stripped away many vital essentials. In exchange we have access to literally a world wide database, computation speed puts an ability to find solutions quickly through testing, analysis, and the iterations at our fingertips. As a result we are at the best of times and somehow also at the worst. The journey and mission we at Augment Life are on is to soften those edges. Bring back what is lost, and give to those the advantages that modern science has to offer, and do so using circular economies that do not produce waste, or leave the environment worse than it was before this all came to be.

Trust and Authenticity

Trust and Authenticity are another central pillar of our DNA. The supplement industry is over-burdened with a reputation for false claims, products with unwanted fillers and low quality ingredients. We aim to offer a refuge for the many people who know they ought to be supplementing their diets but can’t afford to run a lab analysis on every supplier they choose to gamble on. And who can't make heads or tails of the piles of conflicting research that is streaming out day after day. Our customers' hard earned dollars should not be spent on inflated prices, or low quality ingredients, and worrying about such things shouldn't be another source is trouble in their lives.


We take offense from supplement companies that use experiments from in vitro and research on mice to claim efficacy. Trials on animals do not prove efficacy. Word of mouth, hype, and gut feeling are not enough. These are unacceptable practices and we will always choose the high road when deciding if a supplement belongs in our product lines or not. People deserve only high quality for their hard earned money. We will make sure they can feel comfortable knowing we have all our supplies tested, and take the highest precautions to ensure the quality is utmost throughout the supply chain.


Also, it’s important to note this company comes at a time when the world is spinning dangerously off kilter. Referring to climate change. We feel that there is only one responsible way to produce, which is to reuse, recycle, maintain circular economies, and avoid use of resources that are not renewable. You will not find in our products any packaging that comes from a natural resource unless it was already recycled. If we choose plastic over paper it is because recycled plastic has a lower carbon footprint than recycled paper. We will not source raw materials from as close to our customers as possible, and always choose the production that has the smallest carbon footprint. As we grow we will also look for new mechanisms to restore the environment and feed into the ecosystems we rely on.

What is the good of living longer if we don't have a healthy planet to live in?


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