Customer Support

For support, please create a ticket with our Zendesk or send an email to Or feel free to call: ‭+49 176 58901603‬

We respond to tickets and emails promptly. We ❤️ our customers.

Please submit your help requests there for the most efficient and reliable support possible.

To create a new ticket please email:



Read before requesting support:

Support request best practices:

To speed up the response and resolution of your issue, please include the order number (if you have one). Please also explain briefly what the issue is ex: "where's my stuff?"

After sending your initial request email, you will receive a confirmation email and response from our support team.

Tracking code doesn't work:

If your shipment tracking code doesn't work, please note this is a known issue with DHL we are trying to solve. Your package is not lost. The tracking code will begin to work 2-3 days before your package arrives.

Customers in Sweden and Denmark:

You can look up your package on Postnord! Please check there for more up-to-date delivery information.

Beware of pick-up location drop offs.

Sometimes the local courier in your city / neighborhood is lazy. Sometimes they claim they can't deliver to your address. When this happens they will drop off the package at a local retail shop. You may not get a notice from the shipper about this. Beware that they can only hold the package for 5 - 10 days so you need to proactively get the package before it is returned to us.