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Augment Life

Biohacker Startpaket - Två månader (500 mg/dag)

Biohacker Startpaket - Två månader (500 mg/dag)

Ordinarie pris 2 489 kr
Ordinarie pris 3 328 kr Försäljningspris 2 489 kr
Rea Slutsåld

Startpaketet för två månader ger ett komplett utbud för en daglig dos av

  • 500 mg NMN x 60 kapslar
  • 250 mg Resveratrol x 120 kapslar
  • 500 mg Berberin x 180 kapslar
  • 250 mg Quercetin 250 mg x 60 kapslar
  • 500 mg TMG x 120 kapslar
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Product's Features

Quality Assurance

Our supplements are produced according to the highest standards in the food supplement industy. With ISO 9001 and ISO 2200 the world leading standards for process management, and precision are maintained to insure you receive the highest quality, purest materials possible.

And to be sure no mistakes have been made, Augment Life sends all its supplements to third-party certified laboratories to verify the purity and quality is as expected.




Color: White

Package Contents: Powder

Package Dimensions

Package Size: 10 cm width x 15 cm height

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